Comparative Study of Educational Storybook and Face to Face Training Effect on the Hospitalized Children’s Fear

1Master of Nursing Education, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences, Sabzevar, IR Iran
2MSc of Exercise Physiology, Sabzevar Education, Sabzevar, Iran
4Assistant Professor, School of Education and Psychology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, IR Iran.
Introduction: The hospitalization of children is considered as one of the scariest events in their lives. In order to overcome the fear associated with the hospitalization, nurses, in the role of trainers need to acquaint children with the hospitalization process.The aim of this study is a comparative investigation of educational story books and face to face training effect on the level of hospital-relatedfears ofchildren.
Methods: Research is performed using a quasi-experimental, pre-test and post-test. The study samples were 87 cases of children between 6 to 9 years old who were hospitalized in the pediatric ward of Sabzevar, and selected by convenience sampling.Demographic information questionnaire as well as Broome Hospital Fear questionnaire are applied as data collection instruments.

Data is analyzed using SPSS software, ver. 20, descriptive statistics, Shapiro-Wilk, chi-square, t-dependent, ANCOVA (Analysis of Covariance) and Bonferroni post hoc tests.
Results:The results of the tests revealed that there is a significant distinction in fear level of children when the storybook-related group is compared with usual approach (p-value<0/001) and also with face to face method (p-value<0/01). However, such discrepancies cannot be found between face to face and usual procedures (p-value>0/05).
Conclusion: The results showed that educational storybook can be considerably effective to reduce the children’s fears.Conclusively, the storybook as a popular, practical and efficient tool, is highly recommended to prepare children in hospitals